Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Seminar - Pure Health & Fitness Studios

Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Seminar - Pure Health & Fitness Studios

Samantha Taylor - Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Expert

You’re Invited…

…to this Powerful Seminar on Getting the BEST Results Possible

by Samantha Taylor,

National Health & Fitness Expert

Saturday 12:00 pm

January10th 2015

"Cravings and Impulse Control"

Seminar is at my Studio...

Do what you can to get there. You will learn a lot!

Do you struggle with cravings or impulse control? Like seeing a food that you know you "shouldn't eat" but you feel drawn to eat it?

I am going to show you how to overcome this. I used to be a compulsive eater, emotionally eating THOUSANDS of calories but thank God its been over 12 years since I have struggled with that. And I will show you the steps to success this Saturday at 12pm.

If you have never seen our first Personal Training Studio
or Boot Camp in Land O' Lakes, here is a picture of it,
its located in Land O' Lakes off SR 54.
Call me for your Body Transformation Analysis 813-377-3739
for Personal Training and for info on Boot Camp call 813-377-4887

Pure Health Front

Our first location is conveniently located off State Road 54, 1/2 mile West of Collier Parkway, 3 miles West of I-75 and 1/4 mile East of US 41. It's on the North side of the road, turn North on Knight Road from SR 54 (there is a GTE Federal Credit Union right at that corner). The new studio is central to Odessa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel, New Tampa and Trinity. The address is 2206 Knight Road, Land O' Lakes, FL 34639. You have got to see this place, it is known as the Fitness Resort!

Samantha will teach you the most important things to focus on to make your goals happen, how to get motivated, how to stay focused, how to balance out your nutrition, how to get your fat storing hormone to let go of your fat and much more.


Seminar is at my Studio

--- we need to know how many chairs to bring and we have limited space

Check out this short inspirational video of this client who was on lots of medication, throwing up every night, had sleep apnea, NOW is on no medication, lost 30 lbs and doing great!

Samantha will also give you great tips on nutrition, curing the metabolic syndrome, how to eat a bunch of fat and still lose weight, how to balance your fat storing hormone and how to make your goals happen.

See you there! Reserve your spot by registering below...

Samantha is an expert at not only motivating you but also in giving you a plan of action to make your goals happen.


This seminar is FREE so get registered today. See you there! IF you are bringing a friend, make sure you register them separetly, this seminar IS open to ladies and men.

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