Aerobic Activities - Basic Information

Aerobic Activities


- These are example to add to your fitness program - not to replace any of your recommended aerobic workouts - only to help increase your activity level and your enjoyment in your journey into optimum health

- Aerobic activities - are activities that maintain a fairly consistent exertion level over an extended period of time - although all these activities are not exactly 100% aerobic, they will help burn calories and raise your resting metabolism

Cardio - Aerobic Activities Cardio - Aerobic Activities

walking (for 20 minutes or more)

walking the dog/s, playing basketball

playing football


Cardio - Aerobic Activities


constant swimming

constant throwing (football, baseball, Frisbee)

riding a bike

roller skating

in-line skating

Cardio - Aerobic Activities Cardio - Aerobic Activities

hitting a lot of balls at a golf range

playing with your dog/s (for 20 minutes or more)

playing with your children (for 20 minutes or more)


Cardio - Aerobic Activities

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