Body Building Basic Tips - Information to Build Muscle

Body Building Basic Tips

Exercise - Body Building

The Difference between Body Building and Toning

- toning is taking the muscles from flaccid (loose) to tight or hard

- body building or body sculpting is taking the muscles to a desired size or fullness shaping the body to fit the vision you have in your mind - you always wanted

Train Hard

- intensity is the name of the game - the muscles don't know what weight you are using, they only feel the intensity

- if you train heavy, make sure you use excellent form and still get an extra rep or two with a spot

Exercise - Body Building

- if you use lighter weight, use a spotter and definitely get a few extra reps

- the more intense you train per workout, the better results you will have and a lot sooner

Be Efficient and Train Quickly

- take only 30-90 seconds between sets

- you can get two hour results in 45 minutes if you give it all you got every set

- don't waste time and you will always feel you have time for you workout program

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