Small Body Type - Ectomorphic Body Style - Basic Description

Small Body Type

Exercise - Ectomorph

Ectomorphic Body Style

- characterized by a small skeletal structure, low body fat and a high number of small twitch muscle fibers

Exercise - Ectomorph

Parameters for Toning Workout

- a person who is an ectomorph does not need to worry about over developing if they decide to train with more weight and less repetitions, because of the muscle properties of the ectomorph (high amount of small twitch muscle fibers), but it is still recommended to follow the base workout plan for toning

- as your goals change - so does your workout - example - for sports specific reasons, like a road race or triathlon, to be a better golfer, basketball player, football player, etc. and/or if you want to be stronger

Exercise - Ectomorph


Example Workout

- for chest (for someone who has been training for longer than 6 weeks consistently)

30-90 seconds rest between sets

flat dumbbell press - 1-2 warm-up sets very light, 3 sets, 12-30 repetitions

incline dumbbell press - 20-45% incline, 2 sets, 15-30 repetitions

incline dumbbell fly - 20-45% incline, 2 sets, 15-30 repetitions

cable crossovers - 1-2 sets, 20-40 repetitions

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