Toning Basics - Very General Information for Toning

Toning Basics

Exercise Toning Basics

Toning Basics

- high repetitions - repetition - the completion of one contraction - positive and negative phase

- low sets - set - the completion of a group of repetitions

- low weight

Exercise Toning Basics


- some variations can include - cycle training - which is moving from one exercise (body part) to another exercise (body part) with little or no rest between them completing the upper body or lower body in one cycle*. Two to seven cycles can be completed during your workout depending on your goals. * you could cycle your push or pull movements as well.

Body Part Combinations (recommended)

- it is important to train your body parts a particular way - you could easily overtrain if you don't - when you train some of your body parts, you will also pre-exhaust another muscle group these body parts should be trained together (most of the time) so that your muscles can get enough rest in between workouts.

Exercise Toning Basics

- some combinations are - examples - chest and triceps - back and biceps - shoulders and triceps thighs and calves and/or - chest, shoulders and triceps - back, biceps and traps as well as - all of your upper body one day - and all of your lower body another day.

Training Windows

- these are the times when your muscles have had enough rest to recover, but not long enough to eliminate the training effect your received during your last workout.

- larger muscle groups need more rest and smaller ones need less - some muscles can be trained daily like abs and calves, but it is recommended that they receive some rest between intense training sessions.

Exercise Toning Basics

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