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Turning It Up A Notch - Push Yourself and Get Fitter

Cardio - Turning it up

Burn Fat Faster

- The sure way is to do more cardio!

- Each time you do it or more days of cardio you do.

- Once you have established 4 days of training in your target heart rate zone, then you can add other high intensity exercises (sprints, high impact aerobics, spinning, etc.). This will ultimately raise your resting metabolism (how fast you burn fat) and you will lose more and maintain easier.

Training Specific

- Whether you want to be a marathon runner, high end athlete or just increase your cardiovascular endurance is important in determining your training specific program. You must do exercises that will give you results that fit your needs.

Cardio - Turning it up

This site contains basic concepts, exercises, and samples - Coming Soon - more in depth information on subjects of interest.

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