Frequently Asked Questions - Pure Health & Fitness Studios

Frequently Asked Questions - Pure Health & Fitness Studios

I have never worked with a trainer before, what is it like?

Having the right personal trainer can be one of the best experiences of your life. They help to motivate you, give you structure, support, accountability and the exact plan of how to reach your goals. When you come into our private personal training studio, your trainer is with you the entire time, showing you how to work out effectively, safely and all while having a FUN experience.

This is what one of our clients said:

"I have never worked with a trainer before and I was nervous about it. BUT this has been a totally different experience then I expected. Its fun, NOT intimidating and I like having someone there to make sure I am doing everything right and to keep me accountable to the food I eat every day."

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I had a trainer before; how are yours different?

Well, not knowing what type of trainer you had before, I can tell you what other clients have said that have had a few other trainers before:

"I had 5 other personal trainers and not one of them showed me how to work out as effectively as Samantha did. She showed me how to get better work outs in less time so I could get better results."

"I had the same personal trainer for 5 years. I saw better results at Pure Health & Fitness Studios in 2 months then I did in 5 years with the other trainer! Although he was a very nice person and a good trainer, Samantha just knew how to train my body the way it needed to be trained as a woman and she helped me with my food."

"I have learned how to eat, how to shop for food and how to order out at restaurants; my other trainer never showed me that before."

"My other trainer didn’t listen to MY particular requests about my body and actually made it so uncomfortable for me, that after 2 work outs I didn’t want to come back. I love the workouts here, they are really fun and I get great results. My trainer at Pure Health & Fitness Studios keeps me accountable, doesn’t let me slack off and doesn’t push me too hard"

"I was amazed at how well my trainer let my body adjust the first 2 weeks of our workouts. They went at a pace that was good for me, then when I got into better shape, adjusted the pace to what my body needed."

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Do you give your clients a diet?

We show our clients how to eat healthier as a lifestyle; that is the main goal. We do share with them what to eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner so they know exactly what to eat. Most of our clients say this has been one of the easiest ways to eat they ever tried to lose weight. Andy just lost 20 lbs and said, “This has been so easy! I feel like I eat a lot of the same foods, you just show me how to do it better."

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How much is your program?

We customize all of our client’s plans to fit their health and fitness needs, budget and schedule, so it really varies. We have about 15 different options clients can take of advantage of to fit their budget and their schedule. These options include one on one personal training to group training to accountability through online support to showing you what to do in your own workout facility to our next big project, which will be Online Personal Training. Make sure you get our e-newsletter on the side of each webpage, so you can know when the exciting service of the online personal training is going to happen.

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Do you charge for consultations?

We are doing a promotion right now that is a FREE “Body Transformation Analysis” which is valued at $233! Set yours soon because we don’t know how long this will last. It includes:

  • A complete weight loss and fitness analysis: this non-invasive, educational and fun analysis will provide us with baseline data that we can use to produce a personalized fitness program and a customized nutritional plan for maximum results in minimum time
  • A Body Transformation Analysis including body fat percentage and tips on how to exercise best for your body style
  • A free personal training session with one of our qualified Body Transformation Experts at Pure Health & Fitness Studios
  • Personalized seven day meal plan complete with weekly grocery list

Call TODAY to reserve your spot. 813-377-3739 Or fill out your contact information and we will contact you. - click here

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Is your facility a gym?

Pure Health & Fitness Studios is a brand new private personal training studio located in Lutz on SR 54. We see clients privately so the only time our clients are there, is if they are working out with a trainer. You get personal attention whether its one on one or in a group. You can check out pictures of the studio by clicking this link. - click here to see new studio

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Does everyone get results?

You better believe it! We are obsessed with our clients seeing results and will do everything to make sure your body gets results. That may be toning, shaping your body, losing weight or just having more energy. Everyone really has different goals. Check a FEW of the 1000 clients we have trained. - click here for before & after pictures and testimonials

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What is my next step if I want to find out more about working with one of your results driven trainers at Pure Health & Fitness Studios?

Fill out the contact information or give us a call. We will talk on the phone, answer some basic questions you have, then you can come check out the studio, meet with one of our trainers and they will show you how we can get you the results you are looking for. It’s that simple. The only thing standing between you and your results is contacting us. So DO IT NOW! Talk to you soon! - click here

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