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Let’s Talk About Gravity!

Experience tells us: as you “get older” everything starts to sag and droop. The truth is, it doesn’t have to! The only real, lasting way to prevent the effect of gravity on our bodies sagging & turning into mush is to do resistance training! Each year of NO intense physical activity, the body loses 1 lb. of muscle. That’s why people feel they get flabbier with “age”. The way to make the muscles supple, strong and to hold their shape is to do some resistance training. Now hold on ladies, don’t start thinking about big body builders and think that’s what I’m talking about. Yes, there are 3 different body styles and you have to learn how to train right for yours, but I’m talking about developing sleek, tone, shapely bodies that only get better with age, not worse! I’ll stand on a mountain and shout it out; you don’t have to accept the bodies that most grandmas and grandpas have. It’s time to set a new era, a higher standard for ourselves. I know from taking care of my body and eating healthy, the Lord willing, I’ll be riding bikes and climbing mountains until I’m at least 130 years old and feeling great!

How about you?

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