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Get Motivated for Weight Loss!

Lets face it! If you don’t find something that really MOTIVATES you to start taking the steps to lose fat and get healthy, it’s not gonna happen! I can say this with utter confidence because not only have I helped 100’s of people get motivated but also I have dug myself out the ditch of lack of motivation. There has to be something you get excited about, something deeper and more specific then just wanting to “lose weight”; that isn’t all that exciting, it’s what getting healthy is going to do for you. What are you going to look like, how are you going to feel, what kind of clothes will you be able to wear, how much more confident will you be? Now those are things to get fired up about! Let’s face it! The human mind and body do not initially like change. But if you give it reasons that get you excited, then it becomes easier to make those changes. The definition of motivate is to provide with a motive, a reason for action. Those reasons set your wheels in motion and create motivation. So if you want to lose weight,


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