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Lose Weight, Feel Great & Keep it Off!

Many people want to get results but just seem to continue the yo-yo diet syndrome with not much success. 95% of the people that lose weight gain it back and 5 lbs. more! Why is this? Conventional dieting methods usually deprive you of calories or carbohydrates, which makes you lose muscle and water. Your muscle is what burns your fat and if you lose muscle, you’ll slow down your metabolism. The usual diets usually leave you deprived, which can lead to overeating and eating fattening foods. The key is to learn how to eat healthy foods you enjoy, small meals and frequently (when you eat, your metabolism jumps up 20%), watch your fat content, start aerobic exercise (like walking) at least 4 times a week and start increasing your fat burning machinery by resistance training. Usually, knowledge and motivation to get these steps going is the missing link. Working with me will help you accomplish ALL your fitness goals. I provide you the motivation, the life-changing tips on how to eat healthy and enjoy it and the best ways to increase your metabolism.

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