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No More Dieting - It Doesn’t Work!

The way to be truly successful in losing weight is to take it from the aspect of becoming healthier and taking control of food abuse. When you think about losing weight you’ve got to think about how to learn how to eat healthy, a way you’ll enjoy, and keep it off. That can weed out many diets, like eating all protein and lots of fats, just shakes, only salads, cutting your calories really low or just cutting fat out all together. These are not things you can live with and are not healthy for your body; balance is the key. These other methods are proven, over time, to not work! Lets talk about what really happens when people diet and why 95% of them gain it back and 5-10 lbs. more. Think of it this way: when you do “fad” diets you tend to lose muscle in your “rapid weight loss” promises, which slows down your metabolism and is unhealthy on your heart, brain, lungs and other organs. We’ll use Sally as an example. Sally goes on a diet, but she’s filled her eating habits with foods she can’t live with when she is “done with diet”. She loses the weight, starts eating “normal” again, now her metabolism has slowed down at least 5% and she hasn’t actually overcome patterns of food abuse (addictions to certain foods, overeating, eating refined sugar sweets, etc.). So she starts eating normal again because she can’t live with the diet she was on and has reached her goal weight. Gradually, because her metabolism has slowed down and she hasn’t dealt with learning how to eat healthy and way she enjoys, she gradually will start putting the weight back on. Getting frustrated only to have to revert to her box of “fat” clothes, again. A vicious cycle that is all too familiar with most of us. Lets stop this INSANITY! It doesn’t work! It messes with your metabolism, organs, self-esteem and your family. It is not good for your body to constantly gain and lose weight. Long term, it messes up your overall ability to ever maintain a weight you are happy with.

So how do you do it?

  • You decide to start eating healthier, respect your body & take control of your life.
  • You make choices that cleanse your body, not clog it and bog down your energy.
  • You read all labels of things you eat (how much fat, carbs and protein).
  • You learn how to eat good at least 80% of the time.
  • Find foods you ENJOY that are low fat and healthy.
  • Eat every 3-4 hours!
  • Do cardiovascular exercise (i.e. walking-must be in your target heart rate zone)
  • Do resistance training- increases muscle tissue, which increases your metabolism
  • Get motivated and get on a plan! I can show you how to transform your life into a healthy, totally satisfying one.

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Eating healthy as a lifestyle and not a diet, is more rewarding than you can imagine. You feel great and look great. Give yourself the gift of health. I HIGHLY recommend a book called, "The All New, Free to be Thin." It has helped to set me free from my own eating struggles. God gave you a free will to choose, choose health and vitality.

You and your family will thank you for it!

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