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When You Start to get Healthier, You Realize How Bad You Really Felt!

It’s truly amazing when you get into better health, how awesome you begin to feel, and how you realize how horrible you did feel when you were out of shape. Of the 100’s of people I’ve trained, they all say the same thing: “I can’t believe how much better I feel and all the energy I have!” When you are out of shape and unhealthy your body just gets used to it. It has no choice, because you aren’t doing the best things to change it! As there is more fat on the body and unhealthy foods eaten, the body gets more tired and sluggish. The ironic thing, is that if you are used to living that way, you’re not gonna totally realize how sluggish you really do feel, until you get healthy and fit! The silly thing, is that most people say, “It’s just because they’re getting older.” Truthfully, it’s because they haven’t taken care of their bodies all those years. I know quite a few 70-80 year olds that can run circles around out of shape 25 year olds!

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