Christian Female Personal Trainer

Christian Female Personal Trainer

Samantha Taylor Fitness offers Christian Female Personal Trainers

Having a female Christian Personal Trainer can have a huge impact on your weight loss experience, especially when you are a Christian. A Christian Trainer is going to give you insight to your health and fitness journey that a personal trainer whom is not a Christian will not be able to impart to you.

Losing weight is not as simple as eat this, don’t eat that. It is also a spiritual journey of submitting your temptations and lusts for food over to God and learning how to surrender to Him in those difficult times. Samantha Taylor knows exactly what this is all about because she used to be a major food addict. And her victory started 12 years ago when God really taught her about her body as the Temple of God.

God taught her to lean on the Word, get into prayer and turn over her idolatry of food. She didn’t know she had turned food into an idol which had now become sin. Through God showing her how to honor her body as God’s temple, like the Bible tells us, she found great victory in overcoming her issues with food.

God delivered her through this process of an eating disorder composed of compulsive eating, emotional eating, binging and a massive sugar addiction. Many Christians never think of asking God to help them lose weight but the very God that knows the number of hairs in your head, cares about your weight because it affects your health.

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