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Vitamins and minerals are critical for not only weight loss but optimum health. The nutrition in our food has been so altered that I, along with most health professionals believe we need to supplement to make sure we get the nutrients we eat.

I used to be horrible at taking vitamins, I would always forget but now I have been taking them EVERY DAY for 7 years and it all happened when…

…I really realized that even as a health expert, I was nutrition deficient!

Studies show you can get the nutrients you need from food, but many times it’s difficult to make sure you are and if we don't then we are devoid of vital nutrients for our bodies.

There are also 9 minerals in your body that your body needs to burn fat properly and if you don't have them, then you will not be as successful with your weight loss and you will also have more energy. Vitamins and minerals are critical to great weight loss success so you really need to get on some GOOD vitamins; not cheap ones. Buiced Multi-VitaminThis is the company that I believe in for they have great products at a GREAT price.

It's called Buiced. They are all natural, nonGMO, no preservatives, soy free and so much more. And it’s a liquid vitamin so it absorbs much better. I take one shot a day and it’s the equivalent of about 5 servings of fruits and vegetables with the nutrients. You can get it online, just search the word Buiced.

Most people DO notice a difference in how they feel. If you are client you MUST be on really good vitamins and omega 3's, it WILL affect how much weight you lose.

Omega 3’s – Fish Oil

These are very important for our bodies and they are so important they call them “essential fatty acids” because your body doesn’t make them but it needs them, so we have to consume them in our food or supplements. If you don’t eat wild Atlantic Salmon 3x a week, you are usually not getting enough Omega 3’s which I don’t, so I have to supplement.

I have a 3 month supply at the gym for $45 that you can get, just ask your trainer. It’s a pharmaceutical grade that doesn’t taste like fish at all and its in a capsule. I used to pay $45 a month for Omega 3’s this good of quality but I get this wholesale and buy it in bulk so you get a 3 month supply for only $45, so only $13 a month! They are at the studio, ask your trainer for some and we can just put it on the card on file.

After a lot of research from nutritionists, I realized 7 years ago that since I didn’t eat about as many servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day as recommended and that I was deficient in my nutrition. So I started making sure I took vitamins EVERY single day. It took some time to develop the habit, but once you do, it doesn’t go away. Good vitamins do tend to cost a little bit more but it’s so worth it. These vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids are the ones that I believe in not only the price but also the quality. Remember, vitamins are there to “supplement” what you eat, not replace it. Eating healthy is also a huge part of living the highest level of health you can.

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