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Our Health & Weight Loss programs and services will get you to lose weight, feel great, and get in shape. Get Healthy with a weight loss, health & fitness expert personal trainer (in person - in or around the Lutz, Land O'Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Pasco & Tampa Bay Area - Florida). Take Action - Make the most of the Time you have!

This is an overview of the type of things I will teach you in training with me.

My success in personal training the 1000’s of people I have trained is a combination of 12 years experience and my own personal challenges. I’ve had to lose excess fat, put on muscle, change my body shape and learn how to make it a lifestyle. I have dealt with my own severe eating challenges over that course of time and have learned how to turn them around. I can help ANYONE with ANY health and fitness goal they have because of my continued education and experience. Please keep an open mind when you read the things below because being healthy is not about just losing weight, it’s about the process to get there and keeping it off that really matters.


This is up to 80% of your success. If you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, you will definitely need to learn about nutrition. It is critical for your long-term success. I am a master at teaching you the tricks you need to know at how to have great success with eating while you enjoy delicious foods!

You will learn exactly what foods to eat to support weight loss and keep it off.

  • When to eat certain foods in a.m. and p.m., etc.
  • How much you eat at once.
  • How much time is between your meals.
  • How much you eat in a day.
  • Roughly,how many grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates.
  • Tips for eating out at restaurants (which is totally necessary for success).
  • How to deal with emotional eating.

Learn Tricks for a lifetime

Learning how to stay lean for life is creating certain habits or “tricks of the trade” that you can still not deprive yourself but be able to enjoy yourself as well. The goal is being lean forever and to not have to deal with a weight problem ever again. You will learn things from me that you’ve never heard before. I will show you how to have lifelong success. It’s about compromise, dedication, vision, desire, contentment and perseverance.

Cardiovascular Exercise

An absolutely crucial part of having a lean and healthy body for life. Doing cardiovascular exercise is s huge part of your overall health. It makes your heart strong, burns fat off your body, increases circulation of nutrients and oxygen in bloodstream, gives you more energy and increases your endurance. Movement is the ONLY way our lymphatic system (immune system that fights off diseases) gets circulated.

Therefore, the more you move your body, the more able your body is to fight off disease and sickness.

You will learn:

  • what types of aerobic exercise are the best (bike, treadmill, aerobic classes, etc.)
  • how to be in your “target heart rate zone” to burn fat. If you are not in it, you ARE NOT burning fat!
  • when is the best time to do it (a.m. or p.m.)
  • before or after your weight workout (one burns more fat)
  • how much time is necessary for ultimate success
  • how to get motivated to actually do it
  • when and what you eat before and after your workout

Resistance Training (working out with weights)

For long-term success it is necessary to involve resistance training into your program. The goal is to increase your lean muscle mass so you burn fat more efficiently. Muscle burns calories just to survive, therefore, the more lean muscle you have, and the more calories you burn just sitting here!

It is extremely important that you train with weights a way that is right for your body type. The way you train could make you tone and fit with a great physique or it could bulk your muscles.

It is also crucial you learn how to train the right way in general to prevent long term or immediate injury. There are certain leg exercises, done the wrong way, 90% of the people doing them had long-term knee damage. Don’t let that be you!

The type of weight training (free-weights, machines, etc.) you do will totally affect your outcome.

  • how many sets
  • how many reps
  • how many times a week
  • the actual efficiency of your workouts
  • are you trying to tone, bulk, slim down or build strength?
  • learning how to truly isolate your muscles while you workout
  • maximize your workouts so you can spend less time and get better results
  • learn variety so your muscles or your interest doesn’t get stale

Disease Prevention

Another focus of mine is to teach you how to prevent diseases and live a healthy, youthful life. Most coronary heart disease, a lot of cancer, diabetes, strokes and osteoporosis can be prevented! I will show you the leading research on how to accomplish this. It has been proven that aging is not mostly associated to getting older; it’s more associated to how we take care of our bodies, as we do get older. When you are 40, 70 and 90, the kind of life you have will be determined upon what you did consistently on a daily basis. What kind of life do you want to have?


A big part of being healthy is being happy. Regardless of your circumstances (and I can say this because I have been through many trials in life) it really comes down to how you look at the situation and life. I am very skilled on focusing thoughts into positive directions in all ways. This will help you in all areas of your life. The bible says that a merry heart does good like a medicine. It is a crucial component to your overall health. Happiness creates a positive energy in the body and has been proven to boost the immune system, which fights off disease.

Positive Self-Image

It is crucial to develop a positive self-image. If this is not addressed, no matter what changes you make in your life, how much weight you lose or how great you look, you will feel negative about yourself and still feel like it’s not enough. You will forever deal with not being happy with your body. By changing your self-image you will learn how to be happy with who you are no matter where you are yet have the motivation to improve yourself.


Another major missing link to most people’s success is motivation. I am a master motivator! I know how to get you excited and fired up about your goals so you stay focused enough to complete and maintain them.

  • You will have someone to be accountable to that will make sure you are staying focused.
  • I will give you the tools necessary to be able to accomplish your goals.
  • I will be your friend and your encourager to propel you to more and more success.
  • You will have an appointment at a set time that you are committed to exercising.
  • You will have a professional monitoring your progress and making sure what you are doing is thoroughly working.

Positive Habit Development

Today, a big part of our lives represent the habits that we have developed over the last few years or even few months of our lives. Whether they are good or bad decisions, each one we make has a consequence and a reaction that will create circumstances in our lives.

In order to start making health and fitness part of your lifestyle, I will show you to develop positive habits. By doing this, making good choices will be much easier because you will have replaced your negative, non-supportive habits with good ones. Habits that support your goals for health instead of ones that dig you deeper into a destructive ditch that you can end up paying for, for the rest of your life! Good habits that leave you doing things that are good for you with ease. Habits that help you be in a better position in life in your life with your spirituality, health, career, family, etc.

By training with me you will take all the hit or miss frustration out of your health and fitness experience. I am a highly trained, skilled and educated professional who will develop a personal plan, just for you. My experience comes from over 8 years of training, dealing with my own personal eating challenges and training 100’s of people. This makes me utterly confident that I will transform your experience as well. Not everybody has the same eating plan, weight training program or cardiovascular plan. Many people spend YEARS not training the right way and making simple eating errors. If you aren’t getting GREAT results in 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks, you are doing some things inefficiently. What is all that worth to you? Your own personal eating plan, resistance training program, cardiovascular regimen, how to prevent diseases, personal motivation, how to have a positive self image and develop positive habits that will last a life time!

Make the decision right now to stop wasting your time and start getting phenomenal results. Spend time with me and it is inevitable! I would love the opportunity to show you how I could help you reach your personal goals.

Talk to you soon!

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I will help you to put into action all of these important factors.

Your personal coach and friend to educate and motivate you to continually become a better person in all areas of your life!

You will never think of “dieting” ever again. Because you’ll know exactly how to take care of your body while enjoying the process!

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