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Our Health & Weight Loss services and products (CD's, DVD's & books) will get you to lose weight, feel great, and get in shape. Get Healthy in your own home (online or on the phone anywhere in the world) or with a weight loss, health & fitness expert personal trainer (in person - in or around the Lutz, Land O'Lakes, Wesley Chapel, Pasco & Tampa Bay Area - Florida). Take Action - Make the most of the Time you have!

* Personal Training - 1 on 1 or in small groups at either location - NEW studio in North Tampa. North Tampa studio is located on State Road 54 in Lutz, conveniently located 2 miles West of I-75 and 4.3 miles East of US 41. Or our Studio in Weeki Wachee - Brooksville on a 10 acre wooded lot.

All of Samantha's services provide you with detailed information on healthier eating as a lifestyle for weight loss & maintenance, understanding how to balance fat, carbohydrates & protein, living in ultimate health, resistance training, developing a positive mental attitude, getting focused with setting clear goals, being accountable to someone else, etc.

~ Depending on what your needs are, would determine which service you would take advantage of. Review the services below, then email or call her to discuss your personal options:


* One-on-One or Group Personal Training *

Work with Samantha personally in either of her private personal training studios in North Tampa or Weeki Wachee - Brooksville. She will guide you through proper, efficient exercises to increase your muscle tone (firm-up) and metabolism. While teaching you how to eat a way you love and motivating you to be your best.

Work with Samantha in person to be motivated to achieve your maximum level of success. Train with her or one of her female personal trainers in two different private studios one in North Tampa and one in Weeki Wachee - Brooksville; no crowds or "traditional gym atmosphere". Too meet the trainers go to the "about us" page. Learn the specific details of training: the most effective form and the best way to maximize your workouts. By seeing her on a regular basis, she encourages you to make sure you’re eating well and having victory with any food challenges. Enter your contact information after you click more info below and Samantha will contact you to set up your consultation (all information is kept strictly confidential).

North Tampa studio is located on State Road 54 in Lutz, conveniently located 2 miles West of I-75 and 4.3 miles East of US 41.

Weeki Wachee - Brooksville studio is near U.S. 19 and C.R. 476/Centrailia

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* Professional Speaking for a business or a church *

* Samantha is known as the “Master Motivator”*

~ Many people have experienced her seminars and say, "It's the best seminar they've ever been to!" Her unbridled enthusiasm, transparency about her own eating challenges and her excitement to help people makes a recipe for a life enhancing experience.

* For a corporate setting: Samantha can educate and motivate employees to take better care of their bodies through eating healthy and exercise. Corporations are starting to realize how much it affect their company when they have healthy people working for them. It's been said it costs a company millions of dollars every year for health problems with their staff. Samantha not only brings the knowledge but the humor and excitement in her messages. She uses a very entertaining multi-media presentation with power point slides, videos and music. Speak to your employer or partner about having her encourage and equip the staff for success with their health.

* For your church: Samantha loves to teach people how to honor their body as God's temple. She does this by showing you how to eat healthy and exercise so you can fulfill the call that God has on your life to the fullest capacity. You'll be amazed how she teaches you to apply the Word of God in your life and see changes in your behavior. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and its our responsibility to take care of this gift God has given us. Talk to your Pastor about having her help motivate the congregation to use their God given self control and get healthy!

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* 12 Week CD-Rom Set with Accountability Program “Renewing Your Temple” *

* To see more audio CD products - Click Here

~ Experience this journey into health with Samantha. If you are ready to take your health and success to the next level, it starts with learning how to lean on God more for your strength and victory.

~ Learn the concepts about nutrition so you can start eating and STOP dieting.

~ If you learn how to eat healthy, you WILL lose weight and keep it off so you can get off the yo-yo dieting roller coaster.

This is what you are provided with:

A book with...

  • Morning prayers
  • How to eat healthy as a lifestyle
  • Tracking your exercise and "temple awareness" prayer
  • Detailed exercises you can do in a gym or home
  • How to calculate your target heart rate zone so you KNOW you are burning fat when you are doing cardiovascular exercise
  • A goal setting plan
  • Receive Samantha's 12 week program on CD-rom with teachings of how to lose weight, keep it off, understand food, how the body works and more
  • For the accountability you can invest in 6 or 12 weeks of phone calls with Samantha where she'll be teaching, motivating and encouraging you
  • The goal is to teach you how to stop dieting and start eating ...to lose weight. A way that you can live with for the rest of your life!
  • 12 one hour video sessions, with power point once a week for 12 weeks on the following subject:

  • 1) Understanding and changing habits
  • 2) Understanding carbs, fat, protein, fiber
  • 3) Getting yourself to eat healthy and loving it
  • 4) Getting off sugar addictions and 6 foods to avoid
  • 5) 12 steps to health and weight loss with ease
  • 6) Basics of exercise and getting motivated to do it
  • 7) Self image/self esteem – seeing yourself the way God sees you
  • 8) Anatomy of the body’s systems
  • 9) pH balance of the body, cleansing the body
  • 10) Power of your thoughts and words
  • 11) Forgiveness, God’s healing
  • 12) Keeping the weight off, continuing to lose and staying healthy

Samantha spent over 500 hours and $30,000 in time and money to make this 12 hour learning CD program! You will be totally satisfied with the content and the quality.

The investment in your health for this 12 week program is only $249!

Contact Samantha for prices on the accountability section of this program.

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* Free Newsletter with Success Tips - via Email *

~ Receive her free motivational newsletter with health & fitness motivational success tips and recipes! Click "more info" below and enter your email.

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* Audio CD's of the "Renewing Your Temple" radio show*

* To get the CD's of the shows - Click Here

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Samantha Taylor - Health & Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Professional Speaker

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